Making the List: Bright Horizons Salutes FORTUNE's Best

Child care, educational support, nap pods...

Those are just some of the perks of working for one of FORTUNE magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For."

The 2012 list, released January 19th, heralds positive business cultures that make employees the envy of the work world. What does it take to make the cut? A combination of substantial supports (such as dependent care), connected leadership, financial rewards, and just plain nicetieslike free lunch at staff meetings.

Recognition on the prestigious FORTUNE roster reflects the core principles of an organization, says Dan Henry, chief human resources officer for Bright Horizons, who notes proudly that nearly half the list is made up of Bright Horizons' clients. "It shows that they support employees and practice all the best things related to the values of the company."

But supportive cultures earn more than just kudos they also net benefits on a performance level. "Best Companies" employees say they are happy and energized. They have high levels of satisfaction in their home and work lives and they pay their employers back by being engaged, loyal, enthusiastic, and extremely productive. It's no coincidence that most of the organizations on the list are also leaders in their respective industries. "It is definitely a significant driving force," says Mr. Henry.

Becoming a sustainably supportive workplace is a purposeful commitment that Mr. Henry says requires knowing your workforce and responding to its needs. Bright Horizons, named to the list for the 13th time, has built organizational introspection into its corporate DNA. Three years ago, for example, Bright Horizons heard employees' desire for a budget health plan and responded by creating a now widely used value option. Results of a new, recently completed company-wide survey will be the basis of a measurable index of employee well-being the sum total of physical and mental health plus stress level and job satisfaction that, as a key to engagement, will guide future support programs.

These practices do more than just make an employer look good. "They align people around a core set of values," says Mr. Henry, offering hearty congratulations to everyone on the list, "and inspire them to perform their best."

Bright Horizons would like to congratulate all the companies recognized as FORTUNE magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For," and we are honored to have also been named to the list. As the leader in employer-sponsored supports, we share your commitment to achieving employer-of-choice status and inspiring a more productive and engaged workforce. To learn more about what our complete family of solutions at work can do for your organization, visit Bright Horizons online or email us at [email protected].
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