From Our Blog: How Do You Celebrate Your Hispanic/Latino Heritage?

how families celebrate hispanic/latino heritage

While Hispanic Heritage Month is mid-September to mid-October, celebrating different cultures is important all year round. Whether your family is of Hispanic/Latino heritage, or you’re just interested in learning more, there are many traditions and activities that will help foster an appreciation for these cultures in your family.

We asked two working moms of Hispanic/Latino descent to share their favorite parts of their respective cultures – and how they’re choosing to pass them along to their children.

Speaking the Language

“For me it is very important to pass on my cultural roots to my daughters, and that includes speaking to them in Spanish. I am firmly convinced that language is one of the most important doors to the knowledge of other cultures.” – Romy

  “I moved to the United States as an adult. I’ve been here for 20 years and while I consider myself 100% Peruvian, I live in a very American household. At home we speak English; the only Spanish you will hear is from me talking to my parents on the phone (every single day or the chancla will fly my way). When my children were born, I tried my best to speak to them in Spanish but as they started to use words to communicate, our conversations changed to English and now they only know a few words here and there in Spanish.” – Erika

Cultural Cooking

“I love cooking typical recipes from my country, Colombia, and telling family stories and anecdotes about each recipe. My daughters are very curious and they always want to hear more. It is fun!” – Romy

“I’ve always wanted them to know about their heritage and that they’re a lot more than solely American. With language out the window, I had to find other ways to help them find a cultural identity and so I rely on food. My children have been eating Peruvian food since they were able to eat solids. While their tongues can’t pronounce Papa a la Huancaina o Picarones, their palates are 100% Peruvian. And if you know anything about Peruvian culture you’d know that food trumps language every time! Every day, when we sit around the table to eat dinner, I know I’m passing down through food a big part of who I am—I’m passing down my heritage.” – Erika


“I love salsa dancing, and am teaching it to my girls. And, of course, we are always excited to watch soccer games together and celebrate each GOOOOAAAAAAAL!” – Romy

What are some ways that your family embraces your Hispanic/Latino culture? Will you be passing along any traditions to your children?

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how families celebrate hispanic/latino heritage