Why Employees Hate Money

This post also appeared in the Business section of the Huffington Post. 

What do you know about your employees and their money? Probably just this: You pay them; they do their job; end of story. And therein is the first and biggest myth about the subject: that what happens after the payroll check is cut is of no consequence to employers. Don't be so sure. Money is the source of significant hate/love among employees (mostly they hate how much stress it causes). That's especially true this time of year when they're spending freely for all those swans-a-swimming and geese. And it can elevate or tank your company in more than just the obvious ways. Those who aren't paying attention to the consequences of employees' financial health are likely to be unhappily surprised.

Here are a list of six of the biggest myths about workforce finances...the truths behind the myths, and why you should care. Read the full post here.  

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