Hey Bright Horizons Employees – You Made Us a Top Workplace (Again!)

Bright Horizons office multicultural event

Does your company belong on the list?” Asked the Boston Globe. 

“Why yes, yes it does!” answered our employees.  

And so comes the news: 

Bright Horizons is one of the Top Workplaces in Massachusetts…again.


“The 125 companies with the happiest workers in the state”

This year marks the 12th (count ‘em, 12!) time we’ve made the list. And we’re pretty proud. 

First, because it’s based on employee answers.

Second, because…well…employees.

Third…did we mention employees?

"To be recognized as a 'Top Place to Work' for the 12th time,” said our CEO Stephen Kramer, “is a true testament to the passionate employees who make up the Bright Horizons family.” 

“Happy workers are more productive”

What exactly makes a top workplace? They make it fun, says the Globe; they make employees feel cared for, and they help people realize their dreams (sounds an awful lot like our research on Dream Companies…just sayin’).

And “They’re not just doing it to be nice,” writes the paper. “Happy workers are more productive, stick around longer, and help attract more top-tier talent.” 

That pretty much sums up our business model. 

And we like to practice what we preach.

Making the List; Making it 12 Times

The Globe’s been keeping the list for 12 years (have we mentioned this is our 12th time?) and we’re happy to be in some great Massachusetts company. 

To our employees, we say – we HEART you! 

And to all our fellow Bay State employers large, small (and largest and medium) who join us on the list:

You’re the tops…


Bright Horizons
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Bright Horizons office multicultural event

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