Congratulations Best Companies for Working Dads!

Working dad on his way to drop his son off at school

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated our clients for being The Best for Working Mothers.

Today, we’re celebrating The Best, the sequel:

Congratulations to our clients – 45 of the 50 on Working Mother’s Best Companies for Working Dads!

More Millennial Dads Speaking Out

No surprise that the best companies for working moms are focused on dads, too. 

More and more Millennial dads are speaking out, says Working Mother Editor-in-Chief Meredith Bodgas; they’re prioritizing parenthood, and gravitating to jobs that help them balance kids and careers. Just listen to what some of this year’s Working Mother Working Dads of the Year (from customer service to corner offices) had to say:  

“I work at a firm that is instilled with a true team-first attitude and with a number of colleagues who also are parents. They understand and appreciate how delicate the balancing act is; kids get sick, babysitters cancel, there are school events you just cannot miss. We all work together to balance the roles we each play at work and at home.”

“It's a constant struggle to balance work and being there for them—sometimes overwhelming, but also unbelievably rewarding."

“Time management and prioritization means taking a quick 5-minute shower, power napping and multitasking between laundry and conference calls. Then, I can make certain I'm able to participate in team activities at work and still be there for my kids' important moments."

What Data Says About Today’s Working Dads

Think those dads are unicorns? Think again. Five years of our Modern Family Index (MFI) data shows dads on the parenting frontlines. More than half of working fathers told our MFI that they’re stressed about work/life balance – even more than the number worried about promotions. Half of moms and dads said they’d take a job with less money for more family friendliness.   

That means for employers battling single-digit unemployment, dad-friendliness equals recruitment power. And this year’s winning companies are stepping up, with more than 90% offering:   

  • Post-leave, phase-back programs 
  • Back-up childcare
  • Sick child care
  • Telecommuting

Applause for the Trendsetters

“We created the Best Dads list to applaud trendsetting companies that are listening to their employees and leading the way for other top employers,” said Working Mother Media President Subha V. Barry upon releasing the list. “The data is clear. Dads who have the flexibility to do their part in parenting and caregiving provide support that is so important to a working mom’s success.” 

On that note, side shoutouts to our own CHRO Maribeth Bearfield for her presentation at the 2019 Working Mother WorkBeyond Summit, and to CMO Kristy Cunningham for introducing the Working Mothers of the Year. 

Congratulations to all 50 organizations on Working Mother’s 2019 Best Companies for Working Dads list. 

And here’s to support for working dads and moms!

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Working dad on his way to drop his son off at school

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