Short and Tweet: A Back-Up Care Success Story

Back-up care provider caring for employee's children in the home
Around here, we love to see happy babies (hey – child care company!). 
The only thing we love more than happy babies? Happy babies that go with happy customers. 
So let’s just say the Twitter thread from a bunch of folks at the Medical College of Wisconsin (a client) had us positively giddy:

Here's what @MPDBP's followers had to say in response:

From @DrMalikaSiker: A wonderful benefit that allows young faculty/staff (esp women) to avoid speed bumps in career development! Can't wait to see that baby again!

From @MPDBP: And supports folks caring for elderly or chronically ill family when their caregiver isn’t available- so grateful for a workplace that empowers folks to care for their family

From @DrMalikaSiker:  As far as I know from chatting with other women doctors in Milwaukee, back up care is a unique benefit to our health system. We are lucky to have it and should not take it for granted. MCW leadership is leading the way. Thanks @MedicalCollege!

From @RobynVining: THAT BABY [side note – we know what she means!]

We’d add that being great for women in medicine means back-up care is great for employers in medicine, too (fewer absences; more time to study). But @MPDBP and @DrMalikaSiker pretty much beat us to the punch. 
Thanks for the shoutout, everyone. So happy we could help.
And Natty – our caregivers are happy to care for you any time!
Back-up care provider caring for employee's children in the home

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