A New Year's Resolution for the Adult Learner

adult learners
New Year's resolutions generally mean people are committing to lifestyle changes that will hopefully lead to:

A) Losing weight (which will last until March)

B) Saving money (usually until June), or

C) Promising to be nicer people (until they get stuck in morning traffic).

All kidding aside, I always commend people on making these commitments, and sincerely wish them well. I know how hard it can be though, to take January rhetoric and turn it into 12 months of sustained action.

This year, it seems as though colleges and universities are starting to make resolutions as well, especially on issues that affect the adult learner. In 2012, schools were very vocal about trying to better serve the non-traditional student. All eyes were on the adult learner, and in the midst of difficult economic times, education was at the forefront of everyone's mind. And as we approach the New Year,  it looks like everyone is gearing up to take action.

A recent article in Forbes Magazine predicted that in 2013, technology will completely change the landscape of higher education. If this holds true and online learning, hybrid programs, and virtual classrooms become the "norm" for both non-profit and proprietary schools, the adult learner will really reap major rewards.

With corporations continuing to fund their employees education through generous tuition assistance programs, 2013 may be the year that adult learners really do become the new "traditional student."

But just like the weight loss programs, money saving initiatives, and other resolutions that are about to begin this month!it comes down to taking action and staying committed. If Colleges and Universities are doing their part, and employers are still doing theirs, the onus is on the adult learner to really make the commitment to education. With colleges and universities nationwide developing simpler admissions processes, convenient course schedules catered to toward the working adult and enhanced technology to allow for remote learning, there really is no reason to not pursue that next degree or certificate.

Here at EdAssist, we have seen a tremendous upswing in the number of adult learners looking to start new programs in 2013. And as our advisors tell each and every one of them, "!Committing to advance your education this year is one resolution that will surely pay off."
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