A Monday to Remember

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It's been an eventful week here on the east coast.

Like millions of others in the region, we've been cleaning up from Hurricane Sandy and our thoughts and well wishes extend to all who were affected.

The damages are still being calculated. But it's impossible not to be touched by the scenes taking place all over New York, New Jersey, New England, and everywhere else Sandy left her mark. Alongside the devastation, we watched first responders risk their lives, we watched officials forego sleep, we watched rescuers wade through floodwaters, and we watched doctors and nurses evacuate the sickest patients by carrying them down nine flights of stairs.

We're touched not by how we are different, but by how we come to together as one during these times of need.  The heroic responses and displays of people all around us in myriad organizations big and small rallying together to keep businesses - and lives - moving are truly amazing. No doubt there will be many stories in the weeks to come about individual acts of sacrifice and heroism and simple shows of support. As in so many cataclysmic events, it's a reminder of how such moments tend to make history in the worst!and then the very best possible ways.

We were fortunate in our Massachusetts home office that we suffered only moderate effects that were quickly and easily managed. To our clients, friends, and everyone in the most severely affected areas, we're here to support you, and a safe and speedy recovery.  
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