Springtime on the Farm

Little girl using plants to make art outside

For this field trip we visit a farm, meet some animals up close, and learn from a farmer about how a farm works!

Have you ever visited a farm? On this virtual field trip to a farm, you will meet a farmer and take a tour to learn how a farm works, while meeting many animals along the way. You’ll even learn some fun facts like how to tell the difference between a pony and a horse, and how to milk a goat!

  • After going on this farm fieldtrip, is there a farm job that you would like to try?
  • Draw a picture of yourself as a farmer and share with a family member!

(*Note - Internet resources suggested only for use with adult permission & supervision.)

Fun Fact: Did you know that chickens take a bath in dust? This helps keep their feathers clean! Pigs also use mud to keep their bodies cool in hot weather; they can’t sweat to stay cool, like people do!

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Little girl using plants to make art outside
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