The Work-Life Equation Podcast Episode 25: More of Your Caregiving Questions—Answered

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 Anyone who’s done it will tell you—caring for an elder loved one is all-encompassing, especially when you’re in the Sandwich Generation. Where do you go to find in-home help? How do you manage finances? What’s the secret to having the tough conversations? Get expert answers to some of the most common caregiver questions.   

Show Notes: More of Your Caregiving Questions—Answered

Listen to this episode to get answers to pressing questions about elder caregiving, and then watch our related webinar, Caregiving Questions—Answered, to hear even more from our podcast guests, Charlene Neu and Andrea Wicks-Bowles. 

Here are some of the questions we addressed in this episode: 

  • 0:57: When you considering in-home care for your older loved ones, what are some factors you should consider?
  • 6:26: What if your older loved ones can’t pay for care? How do we afford getting older?
  • 8:39: How do I create time in my schedule to find resources for my aging parents?
  • 11:27: How do you have “the conversation” with your older loved ones?
  • 15:45: What kind of transportation options are available to older loved ones?
  • 20:55: What are some ways to help older loved ones with dementia?


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