The Work-Life Equation Podcast Episode 19: Mindfulness in 30 Seconds or Less

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On this episode of the Work-Life Equation: mindfulness. You’re knee-deep in work and family and feeling the chaos of everything that goes with it. What if you could stop in the moment and wrangle control of your inner turmoil before it eats you alive? Our guest Beth Jones says there’s a name for that: it’s called mindfulness. And she’s got tips to take you from “agghhh” to “ahhh” in a few simple steps.

Show Notes for Mindfulness in 30 Seconds or Less

1:10: The key to reducing stress? Managing the “noise” in our daily lives.

1:25: “We have the resources already, internally,” to reduce stress, Beth says.

2:00: Breathe easy! Using your breath intentionally can improve your well-being.

3:10: Host, Lisa, shares one source of stress for her: disconnecting after work.

3:20: Beth offers us tips for tackling stress head-on. First: “Be aware it’s there.”

4:00: Secondly, “find a few minutes a day” for stress-relief tactics, like breathing.

6:45: When you’re in those moments, Beth says, “Let yourself let go, if only for a second.”

8:00: Lisa asks about using apps and technology for stress relief: “Is it counterintuitive?”

8:50: Mindfulness is about “how do we use what is happening around us...and shifting focus.”

8:55: Lisa asks Beth what and how we can focus to make that shift.

13:15: Beth says stretching can also be an effective form of quick, discrete stress relief.

15:45: Mindfulness practices like breathing and stretching are cumulative.

Mindful Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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Our Working Parent Wellness webinar has tips for for finding ways to take care

You can also listen to highlights of the webinar on our podcast, “A Healthy You for a Happy Family.”

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