The Work-Life Equation Podcast Episode 23: VP Moms

A working mom in the office

On this episode of The Work-Life Equation: VP moms. What does it take to rise up the ladder with a family? Helen, Christine, Jessie, and Ilene — four of our awesome Bright Horizons vice presidents — talk very candidly about what’s worked for them, what didn’t, and what they had to let go of to build the career and the family they wanted.

VP Moms: Show Notes

0:40: Lisa introduces our panel of VP moms: Helen, Ilene, Christine, and Jessie.

3:10: The moms say working with a family-friendly company was a key work-life strategy.

3:50: Being unapologetic helps the VP moms be successful...and stay sane.

5:10: Jessie asks the round-table, “Did you have mothers who worked?”

6:13: Lisa asks the moms how they build their networks and parenting villages.

7:11: The moms reflect on how they impact the next generation of working mothers

10:39: Ilene asks, “what is all?” The moms discuss the age-old concept: “having it all.”

15:05: Being a working mom has positive effects on their kids, our VP moms tell Lisa.

17:55: They all agreed: solid support, and reliable child care, helped them be successful.

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