The Work-Life Equation Podcast Episode 21: Summer's Over! Back to School

A happy husband and wife at dinner

New classes…crazy morning routine…making lunch — the kids are finally back in school, and yet, life seems more complicated than ever. Can you manage it gracefully? Our guest Christine Koh says: sort of. Listen to hear her tips for embracing the important stuff, jettisoning the rest, and enlisting the whole family (even kindergarteners!) for help.

Summer's Over! Back to School: Show Notes

  • 0:14: Christine Koh is the parenting expert behind Edit Your Life and Boston Mamas.
  • 2:48: What is emotional overload? Christine tells us what it is, and how to deal.
  • 3:30: “Split up those responsibilities,” says Christine, to nix the pre-school mental load.
  • 5:37: Use back-to-school to teach your children life skills and help them be independent.
  • 9:35: Figure out your “Goldilocks level of busy” that Christine discusses in her book.
  • 11:15: Lisa asks, “How parents can tame chaos as we start careening towards first day school?”
  • 15:26: Looking to volunteer? Pro-tip: “Intersect with the school in a way that works well for you.”
  • 16:00: Lisa and Christine agree: “Kindergarten is a big deal.”
  • 19:34: Quick tip for the first day of kindergarten (and beyond): “Make the morning less crazy.”
  • 20:19: Lisa asks, “What is it about making lunch that we all hate so much?”
  • 21:15: Lisa aptly points out: “This is focused on the kids, but we still have to keep working.”
  • 21:25: Christine’s working parent tip during back-to-school: “Build in end-of-day transition time.”
  • 22:26: “Parents moving from daycare to kindergarten are giving up something,” says Lisa.
  • 22:50: Christine suggests parents get the school calendar and plan ahead for school breaks.
  • 29:10: Don’t forget to check out Christine’s list of 100 Life Skills in Five Minutes or Less.

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