On Behalf of Working Families, A Question for 2020

Successful working mom holding her young daughter

Two nights ago, way back in 2019, I was surfing my phone, reading about a new mom’s attempt to explain to colleagues [again] why she’s working. “Because it’s 2019! Moms want [and need] to work!”

That was after I asked my house to turn on the lights, and right before I watched my vacuum roll over the floor to clean up a spill.

Did I mention yesterday’s conversation with Siri asking her to call a store (“Which one…Milford or Shrewsbury?”). 

What a world. 

The start of a new decade is making us all take stock of the otherworldly things we use daily that we couldn’t have imagined just ten or twenty years ago…

Dick Tracey watches

3D-printed toys

Web-enabled refrigerators

Star Trek communicators (aka, Facetime)

Self-driving cars

On-command rides

Smart houses with virtual assistants

Streaming movies

Web cams so we can tell our dog to get off the couch in Connecticut…when we’re on the beach in Florida


So before I take the lightening-speed chili out of my computerized pressure cooker and have dinner with my family (Skype on the table connecting Utah, Colorado, and Massachusetts), I have to ask…

Why does the idea of a mother at work still seem so impossible to believe? 

To working parents everywhere, we support you.

Happy New Year!

Successful working mom holding her young daughter

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