Honoring National Doctor’s Day 2021

Female doctor in an operating room

12+ months

365+ days

Countless shifts

Endless streams of patients

It’s been a long year for our nation’s doctors.

And one of our greatest honors has been standing behind them: the ER doctors, specialists, and more; the professionals who entrusted our teachers with the care of the people they love, so they could go about the critical work of taking care of the people we all love. 

Today’s is National Doctor’s Day. 

And there’s never been a greater need to say thank you.

To Akshay and Julia and all the countless other parents and providers who’ve been there day after day and shift after shift, we’re honored to stand behind you, and we send our best wishes to you and your families. 

From our team to yours…

For all you do…

We offer our deepest and most appreciative…thanks.

Female doctor in an operating room

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