Living Well at Saint-Gobain with Back-Up Care

back-up care
When child or adult/elder care plans fail, workdays end before they begin. That costs everyone - employers and employees. Bright Horizons' nearly two decades of providing back-up care uniquely positions us to solve the problem. Hear a Saint-Gobain Valley Forge employee talk about her experience using the Bright Horizons Backup Care Advantage Program for her 2 year old son. Dina Pokedoff discusses her initial apprehension about using the service the first time, and how and why she plans to use the service again if needed. Dina learned that Bright Horizons back-up care - whether center-based or in-home - is of unmatched quality, that it is easy to access, and is always there when she needs it. Dina's parting advice to her colleagues is clear: "If you have a need, if you need support, back-up care is a great resource."

Listen to the full interview.
back-up care

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