First Responders First: Bright Horizons in Joint Project Providing No-Cost Child Care for Responders Who Need It

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Right now, all over the country, heroic healthcare employees are working round the clock to take care of patients and the people we love.

And one thing we know is that these responders -- doctors and nurses as well as people who do the critical work of cleaning healthcare facilities, providing food, and more -- can’t care for our families if someone isn’t caring for theirs. 

So, this week, Bright Horizons is joining with partner organizations to help change that.

The joint First Responders First project unites Bright Horizons with Thrive Global, Harvard School of Public Health, and CAA to provide child care to healthcare workers -- at no cost to the families. 

Centers will all be staffed by experienced Bright Horizons educators. Each center will follow special COVID-19 protocols including limited capacity, small group sizes, enhanced teacher-child ratios, and intensive hygiene and cleaning practices. Care in these special centers is available for infants and children up to 6 years old. 

First Responders First hub centers have already opened in pivotal places including Seattle, Detroit, and Washington DC, and there are more to come. 

“We draw strength from this mission,” said our CEO Stephen Kramer, “to provide care to the children of healthcare workers and first responders.”

With these centers, he said, “We continue to make a difference in the way that only Bright Horizons can.” 

To all these brave responders, we say thank you. 

Read more about the First Responders Program, and if you know a first responder in need of care for their children at this time, please share details of this program.

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