For Families Trying to Work and Parent: Bright Horizons Introduces the World at Home

Bright Horizons World at Home logo

Last month, Bright Horizons announced the creation of First Responders First, a program offering free-of-charge child care hubs for responders. The goal was to make sure critical employees had the child care they needed to get to work. 

It’s an important program. Yet we know not all working parents are responders -- or working onsite. But they still have to work. 

Closed schools have left many working parents doing double duty – as employee and teacher. Formal remote learning, as CNBC wrote, doesn’t necessarily work for the youngest children. Yet it’s left a big hole where early education used to be.  

In response, our Bright Horizons education team has opened to the public the new World at Home resource for families. The ungated site offers complimentary videos and activities for every age group. “Here you’ll find many of your favorite elements of the Bright Horizons curriculum,” said Vice President of education and Development Rachel Robertson in the introductory video, “including yoga, STEM activities, story time…all presented through easy-to-follow activities.” There are also extra tips and ideas created just for parents. 

The World at Home is one way we’re adapting our resources to support clients and families as they navigate this uncharted territory. 

The platform is open to all families.  

“Be kind to yourself," wrote the Today show, which featured The World at Home on their website. “Remember this is temporary and no one expects perfection.” 

With some of the special perks of the current era, adds Today, “kids may remember it as the best school year ever.”

Find the whole World at Home program, here.

Bright Horizons World at Home logo

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