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How to find infant care that's more than daycare

As you search for baby care in the Raleigh-Durham area, the options can seem overwhelming. You’ll find everything from in-home options and family daycares to early learning centers that focus on your child’s educational development. Choosing the best solution will depend on the type of experience and environment you want for your baby.

Bright Horizons Raleigh Durham North Carolina daycare locations

At Bright Horizons, we offer Raleigh-Durham baby care centers with exceptional early learning programs that can have a profound impact on children for life. With highly trained teachers, specially designed spaces, and features suited to the needs of working families, our programs are designed for Raleigh-Durham families looking for a place that will help their children thrive and pave the way for success in school and life.

Baby care in Raleigh/Durham at Bright Horizons 

Bright Horizons baby care centers in the Raleigh and Durham area provide high-quality early learning environments and programs designed to suit your baby’s needs and your life. Designed by experts, facilitated by educators, and created for working families, our baby care centers are places where children discover their individual talents and strengths and become confident learners for life.

Each of our Raleigh-Durham baby care centers offers:

  • Proven programs. Built on 30 years of expertise and research, we offer enriching learning experiences for children from infants through kindergarten prep that are designed to nurture each child’s growth and development. Our discovery-driven approach inspires curiosity, encourages exploration, and prepares your child for the next stage of development and learning.
  • Amazing teachers. Parents call Bright Horizons teachers “amazing” and “magical” for their ability to understand what makes each child tick and zero in on the things that best support their development. Our teachers bring incredible skill, passion, and dedication to their jobs, and we support them with award-winning training and opportunities for advanced learning.
  • Features designed for working families. Our Raleigh-Durham baby care centers offer convenient locations and hours, along with flexible programs designed to meet the needs of your life at work and home.

A day in a Raleigh-Durham baby care center

Your infant is constantly learning, so we fill the day with opportunities that encourage exploration and discovery. On an average day at our Raleigh-Durham baby care centers, we’ll engage your baby in each of our six Signature Practices for infants.
  • Prime Times: One-on-one interactions between your child and their primary caregiver help to build nurturing relationships through everyday moments.
  • Sign Language: Learning basic signs like “more” and “please” helps build your child’s communication skills and language development.
  • Art Activities: Music, pretend play, fingerpainting, and other activities help nurture a creative spirit.
  • Daily Reading: Time spent reading age-appropriate books each day helps your child build vocabulary, improve listening skills, and develop a love for reading.
  • Outdoor Discovery: Spending time exploring nature enhances sensory development, increases motor development, and encourages awareness of nature.
  • Treasure Baskets: Exploring collections of natural and everyday objects helps spark your baby’s curiosity.

Our approach to early education 

As the world’s leading global education and care company, we’ve developed a science-informed framework for excellence in early education that nurtures whole-child development, promotes self-confidence, teaches 21st-century skills, and prepares your child for success in school and life.

Our Discovery Driven Learning® approach helps children become explorers, discoverers, and thinkers. Our teachers help foster a love of learning by allowing children at each stage to explore their own interests.

  • Our teachers encourage questions and value learning and discovery.
  • Children participate in joyful, playful activities that combine multiple ways to learn.
  • We build future-ready skills that focus on creativity, problem-solving, and social-emotional learning.
  • We use proven instructional methods to integrate child care with early education.
Knowing that strong relationships are the foundation for learning, our teachers prioritize efforts to build trust and respect with each child. When children feel safe and valued, they can explore the world with freedom and confidence, building a positive self-concept.

How to compare baby care providers

As you search for the best Raleigh-Durham baby care, these questions can help you determine which option is right for your child.

  • Approach: Do you want a child care provider that is simply a daycare operation, or one focused on early education that can lay a foundation for lifelong learning?
  • Flexibility: Which Raleigh-Durham baby care provider offers the greatest flexibility, with hours that suit your family’s schedule?
  • Staff: How are the caregivers and teachers at each daycare center hired? What level of training and education is required? Do caregivers have specific training in early education? Which center has the best retention rate?
  • Safety: Does each center have documented health policies for cleanliness, handwashing, and disinfection of surfaces? What safety policies are in place to secure building entrances and supervise pick-up times?
  • Spaces: Which provider offers the most age-appropriate classrooms and spaces that are conducive to learning and exploring? Does each center provide a warm environment where children will feel safe and welcome?
  • Communication: How does each center communicate with parents? Do they offer a mobile app that provides a view of what your child is doing and learning? 

Explore Baby Care in the Triangle area

Working parents shouldn’t have to choose between child care and early education. Our programs ensure you don’t have to, offering convenience for your workday, and enriching learning experiences for your child.

With convenient Raleigh Durham area locations, we're never far from your home or workplace.


How do I find the best Raleigh-Durham baby care options?

Start by searching the web for the best Raleigh-Durham daycare options close to your home or work. Check with friends, family, and neighbors to see which daycare centers they used (and would recommend). Read reviews for your top choices and take a look at their websites to determine their child care and early education philosophy, as well as their hiring requirements for caregivers and teachers. Schedule time to talk with center leadership to get answers to your questions. And check with your HR department to see if you have employer-sponsored child care benefits that might help cover the cost of child care.

When should I start my child in daycare?

There is no perfect age for enrolling a child in a daycare or early learning program. Whether you start your infant at six weeks old or wait a year or two, you’ll find there are many social, emotional, and educational benefits from spending time with other children and trusted caregivers.

What are the different kinds of baby care?

There are generally four different types of baby care in Raleigh-Durham. In-home care from a nanny or au pair; help from family, friends, or neighbors; a licensed family daycare run out of the provider’s home (generally for a small group of children); and larger child care centers with professional staff and  resources, which may offer specially designed spaces, a research-based curriculum, flexible schedules, and more.

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