Working Moms, Natural Leaders

Insights from the 2018 Modern Family Index

What Does It Mean to Lead like a Mom?

We asked, and people told us.

  • 65% of working Americans told our Modern Family Index (MFI) that working mothers are better listeners than other groups of employees
  • 51% said they’re calmer in a crisis
  • 44% said they’re better team players
  • 63% said moms are better at multitasking  

A whopping 89% of employed Americans told our MFI that working mothers in leadership roles bring out the best in employees.

We don’t have to tell you – you’re living it. o The Modern Family Index is just one way we at Bright Horizons work to understand and support today’s working mothers.  Get tips, resources, and more from about work, career, family, and success…and leading like a mom