Workforce Development Programs That Build Talent

Growing skills gaps are making it difficult for businesses to find qualified candidates for many positions. For employers, it may be time to rethink talent strategies. Rather than building talent through new hires, companies may be able to execute talent strategies more successfully through workforce development programs.

By investing in the education of existing workers, employers can ensure dependable pools of talent for sustained competitiveness.

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FAQs on Workforce Development Programs

What are workforce development programs?

Workforce development programs are strategic solutions that help to build the skills and capabilities of existing employees. The most successful programs provide employees with affordable paths to earning degrees and acquiring new skills, allowing employers to cultivate talent within a workforce rather than relying solely on new hires.

What are the advantages of workforce development programs?

For employers, workforce development programs help businesses to accelerate the development of talent while reducing frontline shortages. For employees, workforce development programs provide a cost-effective way to acquire new skills and earn additional degrees and certifications.

How can employers implement workforce development programs that work?

The most effective way to implement workforce development programs is to choose a partner with broad expertise and significant experience. Working with a provider that offers turnkey programs allows businesses to quickly integrate educational benefits to quickly recongnize ROI.

The benefits of workforce development

The job market is experiencing seismic shifts, leaving businesses in desperate need of skilled workers. Boomers are retiring, opening up a massive number of skilled positions. Yet as vacancies grow, the number of degreed candidates looking for work is dwindling. And as the cost of college rises, younger workers are too burdened by student debt to advance their education and gain the skills needed to fill those positions. 

Workforce development programs are an extremely effective way to cultivate a more talented, engaged, and productive workforce. Employers can make education investments that simultaneously enable employees to learn and advance while building the skill sets that are critical for the future success of the business.

In addition to helping build a more skilled workforce, implementing workforce development programs is one of the most effective retention strategies for employers. Education is a high priority for employees today and one of the most sought-after employee benefit trends. Providing employees with access to education can help to significantly reduce turnover, improve job satisfaction, and employee loyalty.

Workforce development programs from Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons is a leading provider of workforce development programs that enable the world’s leading employers to build high-performance workforces and support their employees through every stage of their lives and careers.

Our educational assistance programs are aimed at helping employees acquire the skills they need to advance their careers and to contribute to the agility and competitiveness of their companies. Our EdAssist Solutions remove the financial barriers to participation and provide the support employees need to successfully navigate educational opportunities through to completion. Our customized programs assess the skill needs of the employer and establish workforce development programs and policies that incentivize employees to help fulfill these goals.  

Ensure education access for all employees

Bright Horizons offers workforce development programs designed to accommodate the needs of employees for whom traditional education solutions aren’t quite the right fit. Our Education Access program provides these employees with the support and coaching they need to pursue a degree with confidence, increasing academic success while building skills that meet business needs and employees’ goals.

Highlights of our Education Access program include:

  • Broader access to education: At Bright Horizons, we understand each employee has different goals and needs and that traditional education solutions don’t work for everyone. Many workers face obstacles such as financial stress or confusion about navigating a complex educational environment. Our workforce development programs provide cost-effective solutions with enhanced student support to help more employees overcome barriers preventing them from earning degrees and acquiring new skills.
  • A Simpler Path to a Degree: Our programs introduce an achievable, accelerated, and affordable path to a degree. Proactive support from Student Success Coaches keeps students on track for successful graduation, and with the help of technology and self-paced learning practices, students can graduate more quickly. Our education partners offer affordable rates and exclusive discounts to remove financial barriers to participation. 
  • Quality Education: We’ve carefully handpicked educational institutions with affordable programs, support for adult learners, and a history of success. These schools include access to more than 40 business-specific majors. 


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