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Family Resources for Life at Home

COVID-19 has changed everything — and fast. The new “normal” for parents, children, and caregivers feels anything but. If you’re feeling at sea, you’re not alone. Look here for tips for children, parents, and caregivers, which are designed to help you stay healthy, strike the right balance with work, school, and caregiving, and keep your child engaged in learning at home. Check back frequently as we continue to add resources.

Support for Parents and Caregivers

Stress-management, mindfulness, and more — for you and your children.

  1. Download our guide for parents helping children cope, What Happened to My World 
  2. Learn about the four pillars of security and how they help you maintain emotional reserves
  3. Get practical advice from our early childhood experts on parenting through uncertainty
  4. Help your child manage stress with expert tips and stress-relieving activities
  5. Practice mindfulness techniques for children and adults to bring calm in small, meaningful ways
  6. Find tips for families adapting to life at home — school-age children who are learning from home and parents who are working from home
  7. Listen to our podcast about how COVID-19 changed the work-life equation.
  8. Watch our webinar series and get tips from our educators for learning — and living — at home.

Health and Safety for Elders

Tips and ideas for staying connected and engaged with older family members.

  1. Learn what types of health and safety questions are most important to ask elder care providers
  2. Keep your aging parent or elder loved one healthy with these five lifestyle practices
  3. Try these practical tips for helping seniors stay engaged and sharp at home

More than ever, the health and safety of our staff and children in our care are our highest priority. We continue to monitor COVID-19 developments and update policies and protocols accordingly. For the latest updates, visit our COVID-19 page.

Health & Safety for Children

Kid-friendly activities for good hygiene today, and healthy habits for life.

  1. Meet our health and safety superhero, Olly Pop
  2. Olly Pop teaches parents and kids about the safe use of face masks 
  3. Use these child-friendly activities for staying healthy
  4. Teach your child good hand-washing practices and how to prevent the spread of germs
  5. Listen to our podcasts on how to instill healthy nutrition
  6. Get more ideas for good nutrition from our comprehensive guide on healthy eating
  7. Incorporate fun physical activities with these 5 Ways to Get Moving
  8. Learn how hand-washing removes germs with this activity,Germs on the Move
  9. Demonstrate how soap works with Soap Saves the Day
  10. Practice hand-washing with your child using our handwashing poster, Steps of Hand-Washing
  11. Encourage healthy habits with this family activity, Caught in the Act

Learning at Home Activities

Kid-friendly, educational activities great for both inside and outside learning

  1. STEM Learning Starters
  2. 10 Ways to use a Cardboard Box
  3. 10 Ideas from your Kitchen Cupboard
  4. Make Story Time Fun
  5. Water Play — Indoors and Outdoors
  6. Putting the Fun in Housekeeping
  7. Making the Most of Mealtimes
  8. Online Experiences for Younger and Older Children

Educational Apps and Websites

Educator-approved technology for every child in your family.

  1. Kids of All-Ages
  2. Preschoolers
  3. Children 5-7 
  4. Children 8-10 
  5. Children 10-12
More than ever, the health and safety of our staff, children, and families in our care are our highest priority. We continue to monitor COVID-19 developments and update policies and protocols accordingly. For the latest updates, visit our COVID-19 page. 

Bringing the World Home

Our new educator-designed activities bring the Bright Horizons curriculum from the classroom to your living room.