daycare teacher in a mask playing outside with a preschool girl

Heroes Helping Heroes

In the fight against COVID-19, it takes all hands. Read about the parents on the healthcare frontlines, and the teachers standing behind them.

Parents Tell Their Stories

Many healthcare workers are parents, too. Read all of our hub center stories and learn more about how Bright Horizons supports working families during this pandemic.

Vivian Carson

We Could Not Bear the Thought of Getting Her Sick

Working at the frontlines of the pandemic, clinical pharmacist Vivian Carson can’t help but think about what it means for her kids.

Karla Peaster and daughter

I Wouldn’t Have Heard Her Laugh

Karla Peaster talks about her essential healthcare job, and what she would have missed if they’d had to send their 2-year-old daughter to live with her parents.

Read the story of the pediatric infectious disease specialist who needed daycare during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mama, when will the virus go away?

Julia Rosebush tells the story of how her daughter's preschool teachers used technology to keep up class's connections, even when the classroom itself was only open for children of essential workers. “I’m not worried about her now, and I’ve never been worried about her,” says Julia. “That center has become family to us.”

Read the story of the working mom and Infection Preventionist who needed daycare during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The world flipped upside down

Stephanie Carraway works at the Moffitt Cancer as an Infection Preventionist. She doesn't know what she would have done if her Bright Horizons center had closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Having care available at the center allowed a familiar routine to continue for her daughter. It also allowed these working parents to continue their jobs on the front line.

Read the story of one working mom who needed daycare during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A glimmer of hope amid the fear

Heather Telesko's family of first responders' routine of going to their Bright Horizons child care center has been good for everyone, mom and dad included. "Not being able to work would have put our family in a hard financial position."

Read the story of a working mom and nurse practitioner who needed daycare during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I started to panic

Maloise Jean remembers how fast everything changed. One day she was seeing students as a nurse practitioner at the Georgetown campus health center where she normally works. The next, she was in a mask and scrubs at a hospital clinic screening employees for COVID-19 — part of redeployments aimed at addressing the pandemic.

Read the story of the working mom and pediatric neuropsychologist who needed daycare during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Safe Place of Structure and Normalcy

It’s no surprise that COVID-19 is dominating headlines coming out of today’s hospitals. What might be a surprise is that Dr. Robyn Howarth's story is about how she was able to provide a sense of normalcy and familiarity for her daughter and her patients with intensive needs.

Read the story of the working mom and CRNA who needed daycare during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We're one big team

Nurse anesthesiologist Robyn Seaburg needed to be at work with patients. Learn how she balances her family, financial and professional responsibilities by taking advantage of the child care services at her Bright Horizons hub center. “THANK YOU to all the caregivers putting themselves at risk to care for my children. Without you, I wouldn’t be working and helping those in need right now.”


Teachers on the Frontlines

Our teachers are diving deep into what it means to be an educator and how to create meaningful experiences and learning opportunities. We are stronger and more united and I am ever so grateful to have had this experience with this incredible team of teachers!


- Kimberlee P.

Laurel Heights Child Development Center

Honestly, there isn’t anywhere else I’d rather be. The true heroes are the healthcare workers, but teaching is my superpower! I’m here for the kids!


- Kristin H.

UIHC Child Care Center

I feel so honored to be able to help our families here at the Center. Being with the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics is amazing. Knowing that by me coming to work and being able to serve them through this so they can serve those in need is a great feeling.


- Maria G.

UIHC Child Care Center

The highlight of my day is seeing how the children come in with confidence and feel so secure with us wearing masks. I love seeing them smile and most importantly knowing that they feel and are safe with us.


- Zulimar M.

Baylor All Saints

Thrive Global partnership with Bright Horizons

United in a Common Cause

Read about the First Responders First program, a joint effort with Thrive Global, the Harvard School of Public Health, and CAA, offering child care where it is most needed.