Being a working parent takes an incredible amount of organization, preparation, juggling and a little bit of daily magic. Wake-up, snuggle, get ready, manage the morning commute, work, manage the evening commute (and after-school activities), cook dinner, homework, put the kids to bed, catch up on emails… and finally, put yourself to bed. Does this sound like a typical chaotic day? If you’re a busy parent in search for some tips to help organize your family’s busy schedule, this webinar is for you!

In this webinar, we provide you with tips and tricks on getting your family organized. We discuss: 

  • how to make transitions from home to school/child care easier
  • tips and resources for meal planning, calendar sharing and overall family communication
  • how to manage ‘hiccups’ in your daily routine, such as school holidays or breakdowns in child care arrangements
  • homework management, chore organization and overall tips for keeping your home and family running smoothly