Kindergarten Games and Activities
Concentration - Memory Game
Suitable for: Kindergarten | Multi-Age | Preschool | School Age

With your child, take 10 pairs of numbered cards (20 cards) ...

Preschool Games and Activities
Napkin Folding
Suitable for: Preschool | Twos

Show your child how to fold the napkin into rectangles or tr...

Kindergarten Games and Activities
Story Surprise
Suitable for: Kindergarten | Preschool | School Age

With your child, read the story half way through. Then, make...

Infant Games and Activities
Tippy Toe
Suitable for: Infant | Toddler

Tiptoe your fingers over your baby’s body: up her arms...

Kindergarten Games and Activities
Carpet Jumping
Suitable for: Kindergarten | Preschool

Lay two pieces of carpet a few inches apart on the floor. Wi...

Kid's Games and Activities
What in the World? Family Recorded Story
Suitable for: Multi-Age

Record yourself and other family members reading the story o...