Kindergarten Games and Activities
Rock Painting
Suitable for: Kindergarten | Preschool

With your child, search for and gather rocks of different sh...

Infant Games and Activities
Sensory Path
Suitable for: Infant

Lay the materials out on the floor for your child to sit, cr...

Infant Games and Activities
Mirror Magic in the Car
Suitable for: Infant | Toddler | Twos

Hang one mirror on the seat in front of your baby. Hang the ...

Preschool Games and Activities
Playing the Cups
Suitable for: Preschool

Turn on the music. Sit on the floor or at a table with your ...

Preschool Games and Activities
Indoor Basketball
Suitable for: Preschool | Toddler | Twos

Crumple the newspaper into balls. Take turns throwing the ba...

Toddler Games and Activities
Piles of Pillow Play
Suitable for: Toddler | Twos

Make several small piles of pillows close to each other on t...