Kindergarten Games and Activities
Play Dough Recipe
Suitable for: Kindergarten | Multi-Age | Preschool | School Age | Toddler | Twos

Have your child measure and mix dry ingredients in a saucepa...

Kindergarten Games and Activities
Guestimating and Estimating!
Suitable for: Kindergarten | Preschool

Have every family member guess or estimate the quantity of t...

Toddler Games and Activities
Talking Tubes
Suitable for: Toddler | Twos

Hold a tube to your mouth, say words, hum or make other soun...

Preschool Games and Activities
Treasures in a Bag
Suitable for: Preschool | Toddler | Twos

Put objects in the purse or bag. Then, have your child open ...

Kindergarten Games and Activities
Dinner Table Discussions
Suitable for: Kindergarten | Multi-Age | Preschool | School Age

Dinner time is a good opportunity to reconnect after a busy ...

Infant Games and Activities
Cloud Gazing
Suitable for: Infant | Kindergarten | Preschool | Toddler | Twos

Lie on your back with your child and gaze at the sky. Babies...