Infant Games and Activities
Sound of the Day
Suitable for: Infant | Toddler

Choose a sound that you have heard your child babble frequen...

Kid's Games and Activities
Suitable for: Multi-Age

Set up one or more clear bins filled with water. Help your c...

Infant Games and Activities
What’s That Sound?
Suitable for: Infant | Toddler | Twos

Use an object to make a sound, such as bouncing a ball, tapp...

Kindergarten Games and Activities
Treasure Hunt
Suitable for: Kindergarten | Multi-Age | Preschool

First, without your child watching, hide the treasure around...

Pre-K Games and Activities
Grocery Shopping
Suitable for: Pre-Kindergarten | Preschool | School Age

Work with your child to make a list of items you need to buy...

Infant Games and Activities
Exploring and Rolling Oranges
Suitable for: Infant | Toddler | Twos

Look at an orange together. Ask your child, “How does ...