What to Expect at Child Care

Whether you’re going back to work after maternity leave, your work schedule is changing, or you simply want your child to benefit from a child care center experience, you might be wondering what to expect at child care. As your child’s first day approaches, take a look at this list to learn what to anticipate.

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Here’s What to Expect at Child Care

Read on for five key things to expect at your child care center.

Consistent Communication

You should get updates on your child’s day, developmental milestones, and any concerns their teacher has. You should also be able to call at any time during the day with any questions you might have. Prior to your child’s first day, you should expect to fill out forms regarding your child’s preferences, development, family and contact information, medical information, and more. 

Health and Safety 

Center policies should include strict health and safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of your child, your family, and the staff. 

Age-Appropriate Materials and Activities

An educational daycare will have age-appropriate learning toys and experiences in each classroom. Infants should have space to practice new skills – soft places to learn to roll over, crawl, stand, and walk. Toddlers should have room to explore, and materials that encourage curiosity and encompass all areas of development. Preschoolers and students in kindergarten prep should have materials and the opportunity to participate in activities that promote school readiness

Nurturing Caregivers

Your child should feel safe and loved each day – their caregivers will make the classroom a welcoming space, let your child’s personality shine, encourage your child to develop and explore their own interests, and more. And knowing that your child has caring teachers will give you peace of mind.  


You should expect to see a curriculum in place at your child care center – one that encourages fun learning experiences, inspires children to explore their own interests, and includes all areas of development. This, in turn, will help your child build a lifelong love of learning and boost their school readiness. 

When you know what to expect at child care, you can be confident your child’s getting a wonderful early education experience. 



What do parents expect of their daycare center?

Parents expect their daycare center to be safe, clean, and fun.

What are the things to consider when choosing a child care center?

Choosing where to enroll your child is a big decision – and there are many things to consider including the center environment, teacher qualifications, schedules offered, location, health and safety guidelines, curriculum, extra activities offered, and more. 
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