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For working parents, high-quality, affordable child care is hard to come by. That’s a problem for businesses as parents scale back careers or leave the workforce altogether to care for a child. Corporate child care can be an effective solution to this challenge, helping businesses retain high-level employees, recruit new talent, and foster productivity and engagement in the workplace.

Onsite child care provides working parents with access to conveniently located care centers with hours that fit their work schedules, making it easier to manage professional and family responsibilities. Employees who benefit from corporate child care are more likely to be focused at work and invested in the future of the company.

As one of the nation’s leading onsite child care companies, Bright Horizons has over 30 years of experience creating child care centers in a variety of workplace settings. Our programs enable parents to stay focused on their careers and help employers maximize productivity while building a high-performance workforce.


What is corporate child care?

Corporate child care is child care that is provided by employers in centers located at the workplace.

How does corporate child care help parents?

For working parents, a corporate child care center simplifies the process of finding affordable, high-quality care, a significant challenge that often causes stress and can hinder an employee’s ability to remain productive. Child care issues may also threaten the ability of new parents to return to work after having a baby. 

How does corporate child care benefit employers?

Employers who offer corporate child care are more likely to retain their most valued employees and recruit the most qualified potential candidates. Onsite child care also increases productivity in the workplace by reducing stress on working parents.

What are dependent care benefits?

Dependent care benefits are employer-sponsored programs for workers who are building their careers while managing family responsibilities. Caring for a child, an elder, or another relative requiring special assistance can lead to disruptions or loss of focus at work. Providing dependent care benefits such as onsite child care or in-home elder care can help talented employees manage the demands at work and responsibilities at home, allowing them to remain productive and focused on their performance.

The child care challenge for working parents

Finding affordable, high-quality child care is a challenge for many working parents, especially new mothers as they return to work. The cost and frustration of managing child care often cause parents to give up their jobs entirely. This dilemma is creating a shortage of valuable workers and hurting companies’ efforts to support female leadership. 

A growing number of women today are delaying motherhood until their 30s, which means new responsibilities at home are colliding with the increased demands of high-level jobs. Even though women account for almost 60% of college graduates, at age 32 they are seriously under-represented in management positions, despite 92% of expectant mothers reporting they plan to be as committed to their work as they were before having a baby. And women aren’t the only ones impacted - the average age of dads is rising as well, especially for those with college degrees. The single-earner, male-breadwinner model is outdated, and fathers are almost as likely as mothers to experience difficulty balancing work and home life. 

Losing veteran talent is expensive for companies, with the process of replacing workers costing up to four times the salary of upper-level hires. Because employees in this stage of their career want employers that will support their personal and professional ambitions, companies have an opportunity to differentiate from competitors with benefits like corporate child care, helping to retain and recruit the most qualified individuals.

Corporate child care with Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons has been helping employers develop and manage corporate child care centers for more than 30 years. With an unparalleled depth of knowledge and resources, we help create custom onsite daycare solutions that address employees’ needs for affordable, high-quality care. 

We offer two types of service for employers looking to implement corporate child care at their company: 

  • Center Development: With a comprehensive development process, we can help design your center from start to finish, customizing every aspect to match the culture and demands of your workplace. It begins with an in-depth needs analysis and a demand assessment based on employee demographics, with utilization projections and detailed budget modeling. We have developed hundreds of centers for companies throughout the country, and we can provide an extensive catalog that showcases our industry-leading design and programming.
  • Center Management: Our knowledgeable, experienced operations team can handle the licensing, payroll, human resources, employee benefits, and everything else it takes to manage your child care center. With strict compliance with local, state, and federal regulations and an innovative curriculum and educational approach, our team will run a child care program your employees can trust - and that lets you stay focused on your business.

Additional workforce development programs from Bright Horizons include:

  • Back-up care: We offer convenient, last-minute care that employees can coordinate with a simple phone call in case of emergencies or sudden schedule changes. With our back-up care advantage, you can minimize the absenteeism and loss of productivity often caused by unpredictable circumstances.
  • Elder care: We provide a range of resources for employees caring for aging relatives. With many workers sandwiched between caring for young children and aging parents, elder care benefits play a valuable role in helping to maintain a productive workforce.


Advantages of corporate child care for employers

Child care benefits eliminate a great source of stress and distraction in workers’ lives, enabling them to turn in their best performances. Implementing corporate child care helps new or soon-to-be parents make more ambitious career decisions and allows employers to retain the talent required to move the business forward. 

With superior corporate child care from Bright Horizons, you can:

  • Enhance productivity by enabling employees to stay focused, meet job expectations, and take on new responsibilities.
  • Retain your most valuable employees by offering meaningful benefits that they prefer over alternative jobs that provide a higher salary.
  • Recruit skilled job candidates who gravitate to employers with onsite daycare.
  • Foster a supportive community where employees enjoy a sense of well-being and job satisfaction.


Custom child care centers

At Bright Horizons, we believe your corporate child care center should match the culture of your workplace. That’s why we create customized centers your employees can rely on to meet their unique scheduling needs.

Examples of custom child care centers include: 

  • Universities with centers that cater to the varied child care schedules and needs of students, faculty, and staff.
  • Hospitals with extended-hours centers to accommodate the long shifts and unusual hours of their personnel.
  • Law firms with options for full-time, part-time, back-up, and school-age care to accommodate the diverse needs of their employees.
  • Healthcare companies that implement sick care so employees can still come to work when their children are too ill to attend regular care.
  • Science and technology employers that enable parents to lead STEM activities in the classroom.


Family care benefits have never been more important. See how Bright Horizons can support your team.

Bright Horizons is a United States–based child-care provider and is the largest provider of employer-sponsored child care. Employees looking to become a child care teacher are offered the opportunity to earn an early education degree for free as part of their corporate benefits. Search by zip to find a child care center near you. Bright Horizons Global Headquarters are in Newton, Massachusetts, USA.