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Enhance Employee Benefits with an On-Site Daycare Company

Nearly two-thirds of parents struggle to find high-quality, affordable child care. The challenge of balancing work and family obligations is a significant source of stress and distraction in the workplace, leading many employees to dial back or abandon their career aspirations. The impact on employers is significant, from drops in productivity to the loss of high-level employees.

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The case for on-site daycare

Quality child care is hard to find. It can also be expensive, costing as much or more than college tuition. And even when parents can locate a child care provider they trust, they often must wait months for space to become available. 

The challenge of finding and managing child care can take a significant toll on employees. Worry, stress, and distraction can cause productivity to suffer as employees miss meetings, deadlines, and even full days of work. Many employees, especially new mothers, may choose to cut back on hours or to leave the workforce for a time. This kind of turnover is an enormous concern for employers who are already threatened by growing skills gaps. Finding a way to support working parents is essential to maintaining business continuity, retaining valuable employees, and keeping the talent pipeline filled.

On-site daycare companies can help by working with employers to create quality child care programs in the workplace. With child care centers designed to adapt to the unique needs and schedules of their workforce, employers can help solve one of the most significant challenges for working parents.

Leading employers around the globe choose Bright Horizons for on-site daycare

By providing flexible, convenient, and affordable on-site daycare, employers can support working families, enhance productivity, and retain and recruit the talent necessary for superior business performance When considering on-site daycare companies to help design and manage high-quality child care solutions, leading employers around the globe turn to Bright Horizons.

Bright Horizons: a leader among on-site daycare companies

Bright Horizons stands out among on-site daycare companies by providing solutions backed by unparalleled expertise and experience. More than 1,000 of the world’s most renowned employers in a variety of industries trust Bright Horizons to implement child care benefits and other strategic solutions that support their employees through every stage of their lives and careers. Our expertise covers design and development as well as management and operations of on-site child care centers. 

Center development for an on-site daycare

When working with employers to develop a center, we can manage every aspect of the process from start to finish. Having developed hundreds of employer-sponsored centers for companies throughout the country, we offer an unparalleled depth of resources to develop customized solutions that reflect the culture of your organization and meet the needs of your employees. Our design and development services include:

  • Budget modeling and financial sensitivity analysis
  • Demand assessment, utilization projections, and in-depth needs analyses based on the demographics of your workforce
  • Detailed analysis of sites and facilities
  • A portfolio of industry-leading design and programming

Center management for an on-site daycare

When you contract Bright Horizons to manage your child care center, you will be working with one of the most trusted on-site daycare companies in the country. Our operations teams possess the experience and industry knowledge to create a custom educational curriculum while handling every aspect of management – from human resources, payroll, and benefits to licensing, compliance, safety, and more.

Bright Horizons is more than just a daycare

On-site daycare companies like Bright Horizons provide solutions for employers that successfully address a variety of challenges that working parents face. With a corporate daycare from Bright Horizons, you can:

  • Enhance productivity by alleviating the child care challenges that cause stress for parents and disruption in the workplace.
  • Retain valuable workers by improving job satisfaction and enabling employees to focus on career advancement.
  • Recruit top talent with child care benefits that are highly desired by working parents and by employees who are considering starting a family. 
  • Customize care center to reflect your workplace culture and your employees’ needs.
  • Elevate your brand as a family-friendly employer, helping to build the talent pipeline required for business competitiveness.

Additional workforce solutions from Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons is much more than an on-site daycare company. We also offer additional employee child care benefits and workforce development solutions that support the needs of employees through every stage of life. Our solutions include:

  • Back-up care: To minimize disruptions caused by family emergencies and other unpredictable circumstances, Bright Horizons provides comprehensive back-up care options for children, elders, and other relatives needing assistance, with options for center-based and in-home care. 
  • Return to work programs for moms: Bright Horizons enables employers to provide a range of support options to ease the transition back to work. We offer full-time or temporary access to on-site daycare and individualized advising to help mothers understand their benefits and create strategies to manage work and family obligations.
  • Elder care: Our elder care experts guide employees through the complex and time-consuming tasks of caring for elderly parents and relatives. We offer essential services that include invaluable advice, tools to track and manage medical care, and options for in-home care.
  • College coaching: Bright Horizons college coaches help working parents and their children through every step of the education process, from identifying schools to preparing applications and financing the cost of tuition.
  • Edassist Solutions: Bright Horizons tuition management solutions, education access programs, and student loan repayment programs help employers adopt education benefits that can drive recruitment, retention, and talent development.

FAQs About On-site Daycare Companies

What are onsite daycare companies?

On-site daycare companies help employers to design, deploy, and manage child care centers within the workplace that provide affordable, high-quality care for the families of employees.

Why should employers worry about working parents?

Finding affordable, high-quality child care is a big struggle for working parents. Local daycares may be able to offer a location close to home for working parents, but few providers can accommodate the needs of parents who are working long hours or who have unusual schedules. The difficulty of coordinating care often causes promising employees to decide to stay at home rather than return to work. 

These child care dilemmas can be extremely costly for businesses. About one-third of today’s workers are also parents, and many are delaying parenthood to their 30s and 40s when they’re established in their careers and are serving in senior-level roles. Losing these talented high-level employees can be expensive, costing as much 400% times their salary to replace. More importantly, the loss of exceptional workers is a significant setback to businesses trying to build a high-performance workforce. 

Many employers are addressing these concerns by offering on-site child care, and the impact is significant. In a recent study, 90% of respondents indicated that the option of onsite daycare makes them more likely to continue to work for their organization, and 92% of respondents agree that it positively impacts their overall well-being.  When companies provide access to quality child care with convenient locations and hours, the result is happier, more engaged, loyal workers who value their employer’s support.

What are the business advantages of on-site daycare?

Employers who implement on-site daycare provide critical support for employees who are struggling to balance work and family responsibilities. On-site care can also help working parents advance their careers. By sponsoring child care programs, businesses can benefit from improved retention, recruitment, and productivity.

How can businesses compare on-site daycare companies?

When choosing among on-site daycare companies, employers are wise to select a company with extensive experience and expertise in designing and managing on-site child care programs. Additionally, selecting a partner that offers a range of additional workforce development solutions enables employers to create a comprehensive package of employee benefits that can drive recruitment, enhance retention, and support employees through every stage of their life and career.


Family care benefits have never been more important. See how Bright Horizons can support your team.

Bright Horizons offers more than a traditional daycare. It helps parents looking for education-based Boston daycare, NYC daycare, Chicago daycare, Washington, DC daycare, Los Angeles daycare, San Francisco daycare, Seattle daycare and local daycares in other cities. It also provides back-up daycare and elder care, employer-sponsored child care, employer tuition assistance, workforce education, and student loan repayment programs. Bright Horizons Global Headquarters is located in Newton, Massachusetts, USA.