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A majority of employers are struggling to find qualified workers today. Rather than focusing exclusively on attracting skilled talent, many companies have turned to educational assistance programs to develop an untapped resource – their existing workforce. With programs that align the career goals of employees with the specific talent and skill needs of the company, employers are effectively cost-efficiently building the workforce they need to compete.

Bright Horizons offers premiere educational assistance programs that accelerate learning for employees while removing financial barriers to participation. With a customizable administrative platform, expert coaching, and an extensive network of learning providers, our education programs leverage best practices to multiply the value and impact of your investment in the education of your workers.

What is an Educational Assistance Program?

What is an educational assistance program?

An educational assistance program is an employer-sponsored program that provides employees with the guidance, resources, and financial support they need to learn new skills and pursue additional degrees and certifications. 

What are the business benefits of educational assistance programs?

For employers, educational assistance programs help to create a dependable talent pipeline within their company by investing in skill-building for existing employees. Tuition assistance programs can increase retention and improve recruitment, as the opportunity to learn new skills is a priority for many workers.

How does educational assistance help employees? 

For employers, education benefits are a critical offering to retain top talent. For employees, educational assistance programs relieve financial barriers to education and simplify the path to earning additional degrees and certifications. By learning new skills, employees can improve performance, advance their careers, and increase their earning potential. 

The Strategy Behind Educational Assistance Programs

The talent market has grown increasingly tight in recent years. There are fewer degreed candidates seeking employment, and the baby boomer generation is retiring at a rapid rate, taking their skills and experience with them. The rising cost of higher education is preventing millennials from advancing their education, and job vacancies are piling up in a broad range of industries. At the same time, companies are experiencing widening skills gaps and high rates of employee turnover as workers leave jobs lacking in meaningful benefits

Educational assistance programs can help employers address this shortage of workers and skills by providing opportunities for current employees to pursue additional degrees and certifications. Superior educational assistance programs do more than just send workers back to school – they help to solve existing debt challenges and align employee ambitions with business goals. By strategically investing in the development of critical skills, employers can both attract and retain talented workers while building a workforce with the skills to help the business compete. 

Educational Assistance Programs from Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons has been a leading provider of employee benefit solutions like educational assistance programs for more than 30 years. Our signature EdAssist Solutions® programs offer a variety of options – including employer tuition assistance and student loan repayment benefits – that are among the most effective retention strategies for employers.

Our EdAssist Solutions will enable you to:

  • Attract top talent: With rising tuition costs and accumulating student debt, candidates are looking for employers with a structured plan to help them manage the costs of their education.
  • Elevate performance: Our comprehensive selection of job-specific certifications and degrees gives your employees direct access to the opportunities they need to excel in current and future positions. 
  • Grow talent pipelines: We create specific education plans that define the core skills required for in-demand roles and select the right education partners who can help you build your pipeline.
  • Groom future leaders: Augment your internal leadership training with education partnerships designed for your specific cultural and business needs.
  • Re-skill your workforce: Update your employees’ skills to maintain your competitive edge and keep up with changing technology and customer demands. 

Put our expertise to work

Bright Horizons’ educational assistance programs are designed to improve retention, enhance performance, and maximize the return on your education investment. With effective administration and proven best practices, we provide strategic growth opportunities that help employees advance their training more quickly, developing the specific skills your business needs. 

Our educational assistance programs provide:

  • Policy & administration: Bright Horizons helps employers use education as a strategic initiative to build a more skilled workforce. We’ll work closely with you to assess your specific skills gaps and the learning styles of your employees. We’ll also determine which education providers and financial models will work best for your company. 
  • An education network: With over 220 educational partnerships and exclusive tuition discounts, we provide resources to meet skills needs in a variety of industries. Our partner schools include non-profit universities and certification providers, each vetted for quality and fit, with options for online and in-person learning.
  • Expert coaching: Our team of knowledgeable coaches is well-versed in the skills needs of employers and the available education solutions. Through one-on-one meetings, our professional advisors will help employees determine the best path to obtain relevant skills, learn how to get credit for prior learning and work experience, identify funding sources, and maximize discounts.

Bright Horizons tuition assistance programs are the cornerstone of healthcare recruitment strategies and employee retention strategies across other industries.



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