Tuition Reimbursement For Nursing

Improve retention with tuition reimbursement for nursing

Nurses are among the most valuable resources in the healthcare industry – and one of the most scarce as well. Experts estimate that future shortages may reach as high as seven figures. With rising demand and high turnover rates, employers are seeking practical solutions to appeal to a talent population that has endless options for employment. 

Tuition reimbursement for nursing is one of the most robust retention strategies for employers in healthcare. By enabling opportunities for additional training and career advancement, tuition reimbursement programs also allow employers to strategically build a more skilled and loyal workforce.

As a national leader in education management programs, Bright Horizons helps employers implement tuition reimbursement for nursing that appeal to talented job candidates and retain their best performers.

Tuition reimbursement for nursing: why it matters

The projected nursing shortage is a top talent concern for healthcare employers. The competition for skilled workers is heating up, with many employers resorting to aggressive tactics to attract nurses away from other organizations. To build and maintain a viable workforce, healthcare employers must focus both on attracting top talent and retaining and developing their existing staff. 

Nurses view education as an essential part of their career progression, but many lack the financial resources, the time, and the support to pursue additional certifications and degrees. Benefits like nursing tuition reimbursement and student loan repayment programs can be a game-changer, enabling nurses to get the financial support and expert counseling they need to take the next step in their skill development.

Not surprisingly, these benefits rank at the top of the list of reasons that nurses would choose one employer over another. The bottom line: education and training can provide the growth that nurses want and the skills that healthcare organizations desperately need.

Tuition reimbursement programs from Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons has been a leader in employee benefit and workforce development programs since 1986. Our signature EdAssist® Solutions include programs such as tuition reimbursement for nursing that are trusted by the nation’s top providers to reduce absences, build talent pipelines, reach BSN levels, and retain and develop existing personnel. More than 175 of the top healthcare employers rely on our tuition reimbursement programs to maintain a reliable talent pool and drive higher productivity in the workforce. 

Our comprehensive expertise

Bright Horizons’ tuition reimbursement for nursing offerings can transform a talent management strategy. Our turnkey programs employ proven practices to lift financial barriers to education and shorten the time to a degree. By aligning an employee’s ambitions with an employer’s talent goals, our tuition reimbursement plans help further nurses’ careers and while building a more skilled workforce.

Our programs for tuition reimbursement for nursing include:

Policy & Administration: Our flexible program design adapts to the skill needs of the organization and the learning styles of employees. With a wide selection of education partners and financial models, we enable employers to use education as a strategic initiative to maximize return.
Education Network: With more than 220 educational partners offering both in-person and on-line learning options, our tuition reimbursement programs provide significant tuition discounts for employees and learning opportunities that fit their schedules. 
Expert Coaching: Our team of on-staff educational coaches is an invaluable resource for nurses navigating the complex process of going back to school. Our experts help your employees understand their program options and funding sources, guiding them toward the best choices for their career objectives. 

The benefits of nursing tuition reimbursement

Tuition reimbursement for nursing is among the most popular employee benefit trends in the healthcare industry. Continuing education is a priority for many nurses, and tuition reimbursement programs are equally beneficial for employees and healthcare providers. 

Advantages of Bright Horizons’ tuition reimbursement for nursing include:

Recruitment: Tuition assistance is one of the most successful healthcare recruitment strategies for employers. Investing in education creates a workplace culture that supports career advancement, attracting top talent and keeping nursing shortages from affecting an organization’s performance.
Retainment: Enable nurses to update their skills and attain their professional goals with cost-effective paths to degrees and certifications. Tuition reimbursement plays a significant role in employees’ decisions to stay with their employer or leave in search of better benefits.
Skill Development: Rapid advancements in medical knowledge mean nursing skills can become outdated in as little as five years. Skill-building opportunities for nurses help to maintain a workforce that is more productive and able to deliver higher quality care.
Demonstrated Returns: Bright Horizons programs provide detailed analytics on participation, recruitment, and retention outcomes, providing clear insight into the benefits and ROI for the organization. 

FAQs: What is tuition reimbursement for nursing?

What is tuition reimbursement for nursing?
Tuition reimbursement for nursing is an employer-sponsored program that helps nurses achieve higher degrees, certifications, and additional training by providing financial assistance, advice, and coaching to navigate their options.

What are the advantages of tuition reimbursement for nursing?

For employers, tuition reimbursement for nursing helps accelerate skill advancement in the workforce, driving productivity and the ability to deliver higher quality care. Educational investments are a highly attractive benefit for talented workers and job candidates, helping to increase retention and improve recruitment measures.