The Work-Life Equation

Real Stories. Real Talk. Real Life.

If you’re a working parent, you know how many moving parts there are, moment-to-moment.

Whose turn is it to pack lunches? Meeting with a new client—now? Did I pay that bill? Project deadline at 4pm. Soccer at 5. What IS for dinner tonight?

Join Bright Horizons Chief Client and Experience Officer, Priya Krishnan, and the founder of The Company of Dads, Paul Sullivan, as they shed light on how we can truly navigate the delicate dance of career and family life. Get ready for empowering conversations, expert insights, and real stories from a community that understands the daily struggles and triumphs of working parents.

Priya Krishnan and Paul Sullivan

Meet Our Hosts

Priya Krishnan

Priya Krishnan
Chief Digital and Transformation Officer at Bright Horizons

Entrepreneur, mom, and a champion of women around the world, Priya loves work, life, and everything in between. She came to Bright Horizons after founding and running India’s largest childcare business, is the winner of many awards for her work in the space – Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, Young Turk, FT1000 for Asia, and Red Herring Asia, to name a few – and is today Bright Horizons’ chief client and experience officer. She also has a bachelor’s degree in engineering, an MBA from London Business School, and a unique perspective on what fits work and life together.

Paul Sullivan, co-host of The Work-Life-Equation

Paul Sullivan
Founder of The Company of Dads

Paul is the founder of The Company of Dads, the first platform dedicated to creating community and resources for Lead Dads. Its mission is to help Lead Dads – who are the go-to parents at home and allies to moms at work -  feel less isolated and more confident in the choices they have made. As a Lead Dad himself, Paul understands intimately the joys, frustrations, isolation and reticence around talking about being a Lead Dad. It’s a role that is growing in numbers but is far from normalized.

Before starting The Company of Dads, Paul wrote the Wealth Matters column in The New York Times for 13 years. He also created the Money Game column in GOLF Magazine. As a journalist for 25 years, his articles also appeared in Fortune, Money, Conde Nast Portfolio, The International Herald Tribune, Barron’s, The Boston Globe, and Food & Wine. He is the author of two books. 

Paul lives in New Canaan, Connecticut, with his wife and their three daughters and three dogs. He received degrees in history from Trinity College and the University of Chicago. When not running The Company of Dads or being a Lead Dad, he is an obsessive golfer.


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Indra Nooyi is an award-winning business leader, New York Times bestselling author, and the first woman of color and immigrant to run a Fortune 50 company. She is consistently ranked one of the world's 100 most powerful women. Discover how she learned to juggle her responsibilities as a mother and CEO while navigating the conflicting demands of power and humility.

What should I know about The Work-Life Equation?

What topics are discussed?

Priya and Christine meet with guests to discuss the struggles they face, including being leaders, building a career while raising a family, and balancing daily responsibilities.

When and where can I listen to episodes?

Episodes stream every other Wednesday anywhere you listen to podcasts, including Spotify, Apple Podcast, YouTube, and iHeart Radio. Subscribe today so you never miss an episode! 

Who should listen to this podcast?

Life doesn’t come with a user’s manual. There are no instructions, no map, and most of us go through life just making it up as we go along. The Work-Life Equation is for everyone who is putting the pieces together to make life work and hopes to find inspiration on how to effectively balance work and personal responsibilities 

How does Bright Horizons help families find work-life balance? 

Bright Horizons® is a leading education and care company, dedicated to helping people thrive both at work and at home. Employees work better when their families receive quality care and resources, so we partner with employers around the world to provide child care centers, back-up child care, elder care assistance, and college coaching services. All of these solutions support families as they balance personal and work responsibilities, giving them the flexibility and confidence to bring their whole selves to every situation. We also provide child care through non-employer sponsored community welcoming child care centers.

Why should I listen?

The conversations on the Work-Life Equation are candid, insightful, and completely relatable. Listen to our hosts and guests as they share vulnerable personal stories that will leave you feeling inspired and understood.

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