We Can’t Hide Our Pride!

And why would we want to? We stand proud, and we stand together, in our classrooms, our workplaces, and our communities. To our LGBTQ+ colleagues — bring your authentic selves. You have a welcome home here.

Smiling faces with Pride flag
video icon parent perspectives

Speak Loud, Stand Proud

What’s it like to work at Bright Horizons? We asked and employees had lots to say. Here’s what they told us.


Child with LGBTQ Parents

How to Help Children Understand Diverse Families

Age-appropriate guidance for answering questions and raising inclusive kids.

Person teaching inclusivity

Raising an inclusive child

Through the provided simple activities and tips, children can learn the real lessons of inclusiveness.

Pride letters

How to ID LGBTQ+ Friendly Colleges

Every student deserves a campus where they feel welcome. Get our tips to guide your search.

Bright Horizons: A Celebration of Cultures

Inclusion at Bright Horizons isn’t just a month or a week – it’s a philosophy that happens every day of the year. Learn more about our commitment.