Together, We Shine

Bright Horizons celebrates Hispanic History today and every day. We are proud to create inclusive communities where all children, families, teachers, employees, and clients are recognized for who they are and where they come from.

Hispanic mother and daughter outside smiling
Hispanic girl reading a book

Celebrate Through Books: Hispanic & Latino Culture

Our favorite selections highlight people with different backgrounds and foster empathy and social awareness.

Group of hispanic friends laughing

Scholarships for Hispanic Students

A starting place to launch your scholarship search; a way to make college more affordable.

Hispanic student holding books

Creating Lasting Change

Read how a center director inspires and elevates her employees, and how others can do the same.

Bright Horizons: A Celebration of Cultures

Inclusion at Bright Horizons isn’t just a month or a week – it’s a philosophy that happens every day of the year. Learn more about our commitment.