Black History Month

Elevating Voices, United for Change

Black history is our history. At Bright Horizons®, we’re committed to both celebrating the scholars, the learners, and the dreamers in the Black community who have enriched our past; and to speaking out against the biases and inequities that keep all voices from guiding our future.

black history month

Committed to Equity For All

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Allied and acting against racism and inequity in the communities where we live and work

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Creating workplaces where all employees feel seen, heard, valued, and respected

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Ensuring services we receive and provide reflect the diverse audience we serve

Bright Horizons Employees in Their Own Words

“A celebration”; “A chance to give credit to people”; “To be proud of where you came from.”  We asked, employees answered. Here’s what they had to say. 
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10 Questions Answered: How All Employees Can Be Allies For Racial Equity

Wondering what you, as a colleague who is not Black, can contribute to change? Our experts weigh in.

mom reading to her daughter

Age-Appropriate Lessons to Raise Anti-Racist Kids

Recent events placing anti-racism front and center have people asking themselves what they can do better. For parents, there’s an extra layer of soul searching about how to raise authentically anti-racist kids.

Greg holding baby

Creating Change

Gregg, a Bright Horizons Instructional Coach, shares his story of working with children, his career progression, and why representation in early education is so important.

Passionate about DEI


At Bright Horizons, everyone’s welcome in a workplace where they are heard, appreciated, and valued.


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