Advancing Leaders, Honoring Cultures

Bright Horizons celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, honoring and elevating the many people, talents, and achievements so vital to our past, and so critical to our present and future. 

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Be Seen, Be Heard, Be You

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Be Seen

Making sure everyone has a seat at the table

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Be Heard

Valuing ALL perspectives to ensure we’re truly representative of our communities

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Be You

Celebrating the similarities and differences that make us better together

In their own words

Bright Horizons employees talk opportunity, inclusion, and what this month means to them. 



Cultural celebrations are such an important part of the Bright Horizons at-home and in-center early learning experience – because we know children who explore cultures beyond their own become adults open to the world. On our blog, read about stories, children’s games, and recipes that are near and dear to our Bright Horizons AAPI community.

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Scholarships for Asian American Students

Read: where to find relevant grants and awards and how to apply for them.

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