Week of the Young Child

Celebrate With Us

It’s the 50th anniversary of the Week of the Young Child®! Sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children® (NAEYC), the event celebrates early learning, young children, and the people who support them. We’re also celebrating our association with NAEYC, an organization that accredits centers (including ours), recognizing the high-quality early education we provide for the children in our care. Join us all week long as we celebrate by offering families an inside look at the interactive learning experiences that take place in our classrooms.

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Tune In: Virtual Enrichments

Experience our in-classroom enrichments at home. Watch five free classes with your child on a variety of topics — music, nutrition, collaboration, art, and family.
  • Music Monday: Make Music Together

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  • Tasty Tuesday: Eat the Rainbow

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  • Work Together Wednesday: Storytelling with Puppets

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  • Artsy Thursday: Unleash Your Creativity

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  • Family Friday: Celebrate Our Families

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Music Monday: Make Music Together

Experience the ABCs in the American blues style. Learn about tempos and the guitar, and find out how to use your own voice as an instrument.


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