Return-to-Office: The Make-Or-Break of Your Strategy

Return to office webinar
Return to office webinar

HR has a return-to-office problem, and working parents are the center of it. Representing more than 40 percent of the workforce in the most competitive labor market in memory, this group is your make-or-break. But conflicts between work and family are driving them away in record numbers. And as the RTO unfolds and these critical players consider how – or if – they’re willing and able to come back, employers will have to figure out how to reimagine their strategy to get them what they need.


What are leading employers already doing to respond – and what can you learn from them?


In this program, you'll get answers from organizations paving the way. You’ll learn:


  • How your well-crafted approach can effectively speak to employees on-site, remote, and hybrid – and why it’s so important to do so

  • Which retention strategies are already working

  • What precise programs deliver on all of today’s challenges -- flexibility, equity, and the dramatically redefined employer-employee dynamic

Return to office webinar

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