Helping Today's Family Thrive in the Modern Workforce

Image for B2B Q3 Client Webinar
Image for B2B Q3 Client Webinar

The data doesn’t lie – 49% of working parents today wish their employer would do more to support their care needs. Many parents are still afraid to even mention their family care needs for fear of professional consequences. Others aren’t even aware child care solutions are available to them.

The employers who will ultimately succeed in developing engaged, highly productive workforces are the ones who clearly enable their team to thrive, both in and out of work.

Backed by our proprietary data insights, this session offers a unique look at the latest trends in modern child care. Tune in to learn how you can: 

  • Boost retention by adding desired benefits and helping employees to find and fully utilize the support they already have
  • Meet the needs of a new generation of employees as they enter their family-planning years
  • Leverage the latest child care trends to create more engaged, thriving workforces


Image for B2B Q3 Client Webinar

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