Quality & “Convenient” Child Care is a Key Hiring Advantage for a Midwestern Retailer

At Kwik Trip, the name of the game is convenience and quality. Not just for the customers at one of its 858 convenience stores – but also for the many working parents who rely on the child care center at Kwik Trip’s La Crosse, Wisconsin headquarters.

The center is a key aspect of the company’s commitment to treat employees like family, and an essential benefit in Wisconsin where more than half of the state’s residents live in a child care “desert.” The problem is especially severe in La Crosse County, where the supply of child care providers has been declining for nearly two decades.

Seeking a solution, Kwik Trip partnered with Bright Horizons to open their Kids Learning Center. The center offers employees easy, reliable, and high quality child care, reduces employee burnout and absenteeism, and even enables them to focus more on their careers.

Listen to the story below to understand why Kwik Trip views the child care center as its smartest move for driving recruitment and employee engagement.