Why Child Care is Georgia Power’s Most Important Recruiting Tool

Georgia Power employee
Every company today talks the talk about work-life harmony. Georgia Power is one of the few that walks the walk. The electricity company demonstrates its commitment to its employees and their families with multiple child care facilities, one located in the suburbs near their call center, and one right on its Atlanta campus.

A “life-changing” benefit for Georgia Power’s team of almost 7,000 workers, the center also serves as arguably its best recruiting tool. Electrical workers often work non-traditional schedules as power outages can occur at any time. The facility, in turn, offers extended hours of operation to give employees the latitude and peace of mind needed to focus on their work, knowing that their children are being looked after.

See how Georgia Power utilized Bright Horizons child care expertise to strike a better work-life balance, attract more specialized talent, and “shine the brightest when the lights are out.”

Georgia Power employee

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