The Work-Life Equation Podcast Episode 16: Talking Fatherhood with Millennial Dads

A millennial dad with his toddler child

On this episode of the Work-Life Equation: Millennial dads. What does fatherhood look like in 2018? You might be surprised. Our very candid panel of modern working dads told us about stepping up as parents, dance classes on Super Bowl Sunday, sharing the load with mom, redefining self-care, and “embracing the poop” in a job that’s harder – and more fun – than they ever imagined.

Talking Fatherhood with Millennial Dads Show Notes

0:35 - Meet the Bright Horizons dads, Rob, Evan, Josh, Sean, and Ben, who talk about what it’s like being a dad in 2018.

1:20 - Lisa asks, “Is being a dad what you expected?”

1:48 - The dads discuss how they divide parenting responsibilities with their wives.

4:01 - Maternal gatekeeping describes how some moms feel the need to manage how things get done. The dads talk about how, if at all, maternal gatekeeping shows up in their lives.

6:21 - The dads talk about how their parenting differs from their own fathers.

7:24 - Lisa asks, “How did becoming a father impact your career choices?”

9:07 - The dads reflect on how the role of the fatherhood is viewed more progressively and equal in today’s society and culture.

14:09 - Dads need self-care, too. Lisa asks the roundtable if, and how, they find time for themselves.

17:43 - Citing a recent Bright Horizons study on “mental load,” the dads weigh in on how the phenomenon impacts them as fathers.

21:50 - Lisa asks the guys to share one piece of advice they’d offer to tomorrow’s dads.

Resources Related to Talking Fatherhood with Millennial Dads

Our 2017 research on the Modern Family Index shows that fathers play a critical role in creating happiness at home. 

Are you preparing to be a first-time dad? Take a look at Pregnancy for Dads: A Father’s Role Before the Baby Arrives to get some insight. 

Revisit our webinar, Returning to Work as a New Parent, for insights on how dads can help moms make the transition back to work.

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A millennial dad with his toddler child