Pumping Strategies for Work That Work

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The pumping, the storage, the oddly personal conversations with coworkers...can nursing and working ever feel comfortable? Karen Rubin, work-life coach and consultant with Life Meets Work, answers questions from expectant moms on breastfeeding at work — including laws, accommodations, and why nursing means never having to say, “I’m sorry I have to go pump.”

Show Notes: Pumping Strategies for Work that Work

Karen Rubin, work-life expert for Life Meets Work, coaches new moms returning to the workforce after parental leave, and discussed nursing at work for first-time moms. With questions from an expectant Bright Horizons mom, Karen covered concerns like:

  • Am I allowed time off to pump? Is pumping time considered a break or lunch?
  • Do I discuss my pumping plans with my manager?
  • How open should I be with my colleagues about my pumping schedule?
  • How do I handle work travel while pumping?
Explore more on nursing as a first-time mom on our parenting blog. Learn about the partnership between Life Meets Work and Bright Horizons.
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