Can Pandemic Stress Be Positive Stress? – Teach. Play. Love. Episode 25

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2020 brought unimaginable instability, and 2021 didn’t begin with the fresh start we hoped for. No one knows what’s happening next, and everyone’s stressed — including kids. How can you tell if pandemic stress is affecting your child, and how can you offer the support they need? Early childhood experts Rachel Robertson and Claire Goss describe different types of stress and their telltale signs, and how to help your child cultivate coping skills.

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More Resources to Combat Stress

  • Originally created in response to 9/11, and updated in 2020 in response to the pandemic, “What Happened to My World?” helps parents and caregivers understand how children process troubling world events and offers strategies to help children cope.
  • Read about the four pillars of security to keep you grounded as you work your way through the pandemic’s uncertain times.
  • Here are some activities to help reduce stress in both children and adults, that you can incorporate into even those socially distanced days.
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