The Work-Life Equation Podcast Episode 20: Making Work and Life Fit

Parents with their two children

On this episode of the Work-Life Equation: thinking about work-life “fit” — creating more time in your day to help you fit more of what you want into your life: family, work, or personal time. How? The secret, according to our guest, Morra Aarons-Mele, is in “place, pace, and space.” Listen as the host of the Forbes podcast “Hiding In the Bathroom,” explains how she took charge of her own work-life equation…and how you can, too.

Show Notes for Making Work and Life Fit

1:09 - Morra runs the marketing agency, Women Online. She’s also a mom of three.

3:09 - In her book, Morra writes about working and having a career on your own terms.

3:55 - Morra talks about time management for working parents.

5:11 - Lisa asks, “How do you know when you’ve lost control of your time?”

5:22 - Morra discusses the work of workplace flexibility expert, Cali Yost.

5:35 - Morra suggests parents book personal time on the family calendar, or work calendar.

6:14 - Another suggestion? The “More or Less” exercise she learned from Christine Koh.

10:15 - “It’s tough,” but Morra says parents need to advocate for time, and drop the guilt.

11:13 - Lisa asks Morra, “What are some personal strategies you have for managing time?

16:42 - “Being a working mother does not mean you’re being a martyr.”

17:44 - Morra says, “Think of yourself as an executive of your life.”

18:44 - Another strategy, Morra says? “Understanding pacing in life.”

18:57 - Morra breaks down her time-tackling tip: “Place, Pace, and Space.”

Making Work and Life Fit Resources

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Here’s more on how to drop the guilt for “me” time and add it back into your life.

Our podcast on editing your life offers tips on creating time in your hectic modern, parenting life.

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Parents with their two children

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