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World at Home resources|World at Home logo|Young boy reading a book|Preschooler playing Sticky Notes math game

From the way we work, to the way we learn, to the way we connect – so much has changed recently. And it continues to change at a rapid pace. As families spend more time together at home, parents are learning how to balance working remotely with caring for and educating their children. It’s a challenging time, there’s no doubt about it.

In response to the changing landscape and in support of families navigating this new reality, Bright Horizons is thrilled to introduce World at Home.

One-Stop Resource for At-Home Learning

Designed by our education team, World at Home was developed to provide the tools, inspiration, and structure for families to confidently create educational experiences at home.

Each week, we’ll be sharing videos and activities from all of our curriculum areas including yoga & mindfulness, STEM learning, Language Works, story time, cooking, and more. Our hope is that families will feel more empowered to facilitate their child’s learning at home, and will have some fun while they’re at it.

How Parents Are Using World at Home

Bright Horizons parents have already started to incorporate WAH activities into their routines. Let’s see how things are going.

“We have been using WAH daily with our 2.5 year old. We love having a tool we can reference in a pinch without having to grasp at straws for activity ideas. The activities seem to be the perfect balance of learning and fun and are definitely very age-appropriate. We did “Sticky Note Number Matching” recently. Etta loved running around the house looking for sticky notes and then we helped her match them to the numbers, having her repeat the number after us.” – Shira 

We’ve especially enjoyed trying Roadway/Hiking Path and Yogi Says – Animals. Both were successful as late afternoon activities, when my son was getting bored that I wasn’t done with work. I’d guess he spent about 20 minutes deciding which activity to do, 20 minutes getting ready to do the activity, and 20 minutes actually doing it. Both activities were quiet ones that required a little help from me, but were mostly tasks he could do himself. Both were fun. We’re looking forward to trying out more of them over the coming weeks!” – Allison

Use World at Home as a guide, and try integrating activities and experiences that work for your family and situation. Let us know what you think about the resources in the comments below! 

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World at Home resources|World at Home logo|Young boy reading a book|Preschooler playing Sticky Notes math game