The Work/Life Balance Juggling Act

corporate child care
Employees balance so many different personal and family responsibilities, depending on where they are in life. But when they have to use their own time and resources to deal with these responsibilities - on top of their careers - they become unable to focus on work/life balance.

Diane Hoover, associate consultant, global wellness and productivity/work life operations at a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company in the Midwest, recognized that without the right resources, the company's employees might end up using work time and brainpower to tend to personal responsibilities.

Help Employees Strike a Balance

To create a better integration between work and life for their employees, Diane's company introduced a suite of benefits, the first of which was child care. Getting their first child care center approved was a "no-brainer," she says. And once they did that, a variety of additional support services followed. These helpful benefits better equip their workforce to deal with whatever is thrown their way - at work, at home, and everywhere in between, no matter their age or family makeup.

"If we want somebody to be focused at work and to be able to do their job well without stress of some of the personal responsibilities they might have, then having these support services in place helps to relieve some of that stress," she says.

Work/Life Balance Works Both Ways

At Diane's company these high quality, helpful benefits lead to satisfied, loyal employees. In turn, as an added bonus, such benefits fuel recruitment and retention.

"We have a nice connection with our recruiting group, so that when there's a potential new employee or even a new employee who has small children, we make sure to connect them with the child care center director so they get a personal tour," says Diane. "They can actually see what their children will be experiencing. And so in that sense, they see the quality of what they're provided and how close they are to their workplace, and I think that is a benefit."

To learn more about the power of work/life balance benefits, watch the full video, here.
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corporate child care

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