Work/Life Balance in a Wireless World

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Many of us have at least one gadget that keeps us connected, and constantly clicking. And, you probably love and hate your gizmo; you love that it allows you to stay in touch with work and loved ones, but you have feeling always "on." In fact, 75 percent of respondents to a Yahoo! HotJobs survey said that they use their wireless device equally for both work and personal purposes. Seventy percent said they are more productive thanks to a wireless device. However, 27 percent admit to being so attached to their gadget, they only leave it alone when they're sleeping. A quarter said that their device keeps them on a corporate leash?

Sound familiar? It might be time to learn some ways to download some downtime. Try these:

  • Just Say No: If you're always connected, it may be hard to decline activities that are not in line with your job description. By saying no, you set boundaries.
  • Draw the Line: Discuss with your boss options for making your workload more manageable and distinguishing between work hours and personal hours.
  • Prioritize: Only answer e-mails related to the task at hand. Once the task is complete, decide if it is necessary to do more.
  • Create Office Hours: Provide clients and coworkers parameters for your availability and make the most of that work time. When that time is up, shut down.
  • Screen Calls: Caller ID is a wonderful way to help you prioritize. If the call isn't urgent, let it go to voicemail.
  • Stick to a Schedule: Use your PDA to block out time when you will not be interrupted. Commit to work-free time, whether it is an hour or a 10-day vacation.
  • Turn the Tables: Wireless devices can boost your work/life balance just as much as they can hinder it. Use them to connect with family and loved ones when you cannot be there in person.
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