When Workplaces Become Work Families

puerto rico hurricane
It's an understatement to say it's been a complicated few months. Irma, Maria, the events last weekend in Las Vegas! Too often these days, we've all found ourselves sending well wishes to those who have endured tragedy. Like other employers around the country, Bright Horizons has seen our own people affected in each.

As an organization that supports our clients and their families with benefits like child care, we can't help but think about all the families who are struggling. And along with our clients and friends, we've been doing what we can for our employees and others in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and Nevada. We've been heartened by employees all over the country who are reaching out, opening everything from their hearts to their homes for each other.

Work Families: Employees Helping Employees

Bright Horizons has a history of employees supporting employees in difficult times. In Watertown in 2013, we woke up to breakfast from our colleagues across the country as we reeled from the Marathon bombing and its aftermath.

This year, we heard about employees in Texas carpooling for colleagues who lost cars; in Florida we heard about others providing shelter for families (two-legged and four) who needed it. Around the country, employees rushed to our Foundation to support those in affected areas. Many have been collecting essential items. Children in our centers are sending love via greeting cards. And every day people ask what more they can do.

For Our Bright Horizons Family in Puerto Rico

Last week, in a show of unity, our home team employees assembled outside our Watertown office to send a message to our Bright Horizons family in Puerto Rico (look closely and you'll see one of our newest members in the center).

It's a small reminder that workplaces these days are more than just places of business ;they're family.

We want to know - how has your work family come together during these events?
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puerto rico hurricane

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