Beyond the Data: What Back-Up Care Means to Parents

back-up care
It's well known around here that we're big fans of back-up care.

We know, for example, that back-up care is well loved by hospital administrators who need doctors and nurses in ORs. We also know that it's saved our clients (and we love our clients) a collective hundreds of thousands of days in a single a year.

But what about the parents who use it?

Over at Mindful Return, working moms Orley, Sabrina, and Liz (an attorney, a tech employee, and a management consultant) had this to say about Bright Horizons back-up care:

On when to use it:

"We can also use it for days when daycare/school is closed, but it is not a work holiday."

"My nanny has occasionally had PTO days when my husband and I would prefer to work or need to work.  For example, she was out for 2 days for jury duty.  We have used the back-up nanny services in these situations."

On how well it's worked:

"So far, I have used two different centers and both have been fabulous.  They are clear with their instructions (as to what to bring) and the caregivers have been wonderful."

"The childcare providers have been wonderful and established good relationships with our daughter.  Additionally, they are very flexible on hours and timing."

On why to use it:

"Don't hesitate to call if your child is sick, and you think you need to get work done from home.  My son was home with a fever one time, and I didn't use the back up care - instead I wanted to "work from home" and be with him to comfort and nurse him.  Several fire drills broke out, and I wished I had called them!"

Thanks, ladies!

We've got more data on the subject. But as we've said before, back-up care isn't just about the big numbers and the macro returns; it's often about the real ability of a real employee to do an important job on a specific day.

To Orley, Sabrina, and Liz - glad you liked our services. We're here when you need us.

And, Lori Mihalich-Levin - thanks for the shoutout! We look forward to hearing about your future back-up care experiences.

Read the whole interview, here.
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