Three Women, Three Education Goals. Three Dreams Realized.

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Have you always wanted to return to school but think you don’t have the time, are too old, or can’t afford tuition? Meet three women who have reignited their educational goals — and advanced their careers.

Denise Was Seeking Professional Opportunities

Denise knew earning her bachelor’s degree would help her advance at her company. “I was interested in job postings that required a college degree.” Easing the financial burden of earning her B.A. in Nursing was just one benefit of her employer-sponsored education program. “EdAssist helped me balance my education with my work life. They encouraged me to reach out with questions anytime.”

Even though Denise graduated during the pandemic in May 2020, and didn’t get to walk in a commencement ceremony, she is proudly reflective. “I got my bachelor’s and that’s what counts.” And she is just as enthusiastic about motivating others. “Expect hard work. Be patient. Ask a lot of questions. But definitely go for your dreams.”

Omorowa’s Journey Is Ongoing

Omorowa wanted to pursue research opportunities to improve her patients’ outcomes. “Earning my doctorate in nursing was a professional — and personal — goal. I am so grateful to work for an organization that offers EdAssist. Not having to worry about the financial burden allowed me to dream big.”

With her Ph.D. in hand, Omorowa serves as a valuable clinical resource in her healthcare organization. She is now enhancing her skills further with post-graduate work. “My colleagues and I talk about how grateful we are to work for an organization that offers EdAssist. And I tell others if educational assistance is one of their employee benefits, it’s not too late to take advantage of it.”

Mariam Was Carving Out a Career While Raising a Family

Mariam earned her B.A. a while ago and wanted to continue her education. “I’m a single mom of three kids,” she explains. “Life happens and you put things on the back burner.”

But Mariam recognized that advancing her career would enable her to better provide for her children. She found an MBA program that was a perfect fit. Still, with a family to support, she wondered how she would cover costs.

As if on cue, EdAssist was highlighted in an employee communication soon after her decision to apply to graduate school. “I felt like so many women my age who wonder what difference returning to school will make. But, one call changed my life.”

Mariam is currently working towards her MBA with assistance from EdAssist benefits sponsored by her employer.  “EdAssist is helping me with work-life balance. It's also helping me connect more with my kids. I’m showing them that age is only a number when it comes to you pursuing your dreams.”

Now It’s Your Turn

Whether you want to attend college for the first time or you’re ready to return after a long hiatus, it’s never too late. EdAssist by Bright Horizons® programs are designed for working learners. We understand how challenging — and intimidating — the choice to return to school can be. And we’re with you every step of the way, from the moment you submit your application to the moment you reach your goals.

Take Mariam’s advice: “Don’t be scared to get out of your comfort zone. At the end of the day, if something doesn’t excite you, you’re not living.” Reach out today to get started!

For more details, explore your employer's EdAssist benefit program. 

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